We strive to give the best service possible.  We will return all calls within 24 hours, all emails within 48 hours.  We will make every attempt possible to have someone aboard your vessel within 96 hours of initial contact, if for nothing else than a quick appraisal and assessment of your project.

Due to the wide nature and complexity of most marine repairs, we do not provide free estimates. Each project requires an individual consultation, however, some standard services can be quoted over the phone. All jobs are strictly on a time and materials basis, and we assume no liability for frozen or seized fasteners or other difficult access conditions created by your vessel and it’s configuration and/or maintenance history.

Our dockside labor rates, per man hour, range from $65 to $175/hr, depending upon technical level.  There is a minimum $250 service fee, which covers the first two hours within a limited range. Premiums do apply after hours (5PM-8PM x 1.5, 8PM-8AM x 2) and on weekends (Sat x 1.5, Sun x 2) and holidays (x2); only where the customer requests us to operate during these times.  Work scheduled and arranged for our convenience is always only straight time, regardless of when it is performed. Callouts and emergency service are available, with a four hour minimum for each call.

Mileage charges do apply outside the boundaries of Bayou Castine (East), Louisiana Highway 190 (North), and the Tangipahoa River (West).  Due to increased congestion within this area, job time starts when we leave the shop and ends when we return to the shop.  Outside this zone where mileage charges are assessed, time is not also charged, rather it is recouped in these (round-trip) mileage charges of $1.5/mi for a service truck, $3./mi service truck w/ equipment & parts trailer. Destinations outside of 50 miles have a four-hour minimum; destinations outside of 100 miles carry an eight-hour minimum. Per diems are pre-negotiated on a case by case basis.

Example Mileage Charges
Barataria/Lafitte, LA ~ $225 plus a four-hour minimum
Grand Isle, LA ~ $450 plus an eight-hour minimum
Gulfport, MS ~ $250 plus a four-hour minimum
Lake Catherine Marina, New Orleans East, LA ~ $200 with standard two-hour minimum
Mobile, AL ~ $450 plus an eight-hour minimum
Shell Beach/Hopedale, LA ~ $250 plus a four-hour minimum
Slidell, LA ~ $150 with standard two-hour minimum
Venice, LA ~ $375 plus an eight-hour minimum